Our Foodie Team

Great Restaurants don't make good food, great food makes good restaurants.Confused? Don't be. All we're saying is that we love to reach a restaurant via their best dishes and not pour over lengthy reviews and menus. We hope you do too.

Sneak in and take a look at the forces who are trying to make eating great dishes outside an easy affair for you!

Vikram Oswal


Ujjwal Singh

Product Architect

Awadhesh Sharma

Software Developer


Android Developer

What unites us?

Our hungry tummies, ever demanding taste buds, and an appetite for all things tech.

Work @ Woozoe

The team at Woozoe is obsessed with everything food (everything = only the best) and like every foodie we're on a look out to expand our circle.

Woozoe is a mobile app that lets foodies round the world, recommend their restaurants and street food finds, and discover via specific food cravings. The app runs on the crowd-sourced model, where users share their finds and look for the same from others in the community. The base idea of the app is to let people know what dishes/drinks are good to eat in a restaurant, area, or city without creating biases.

Technology is transforming every aspect of human life and business. We, at Woozoe are blending in the magic of food and technology to enhance the experience of dining out every single time.

We've grown rapidly in the last few months, have seen some great traction, and are looking to expand our operations & team aggressively. You will get challenging opportunities and an amazing team to work with.

What is it like to work with us?

At woozoe, we are always looking at ways to get to know each other better and keep our work and personal lives balanced.

  • End-to-end visibility into your relevant area of work and also other areas where you feel you may contribute
  • Potential opportunity to become an early employee in a fast-growing company, which comes with its benefits
  • Flexibility in the role offered, based on the preferences and strengths of the person, as fast growth is expected to open up a wide array of job opportunities in the medium term
  • Being part of the core team of one of the coolest start-ups in India
  • Great compensation and significant stock options in the company
  • Significantly fast growth within the company leading to greater responsibility and leadership positions, much sooner than elsewhere
  • Fun working environment and a non-bureaucratic set-up

Why work with us?

You're smart, crazy and addicted to all things food. Could we be a perfect match?

Bring your pet to work: It's stressful leaving your furry friends at home, which is why Woozoe staff can bring their critters to work.

Music, coffee and conversation: We love music, coffee, and great people to share them with. What are you waiting for?

Wear what you like: We hired you because of how great you are at your job, not because of how you dress. Be yourself, whoever you are

Openings @ Woozoe

Work with us. Be a part of a community with one common love. Good Food!

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Everyone claims to be a foodie, but we know when we see one.