Woozoe is a crowd-sourced platform that takes a foodie straight to the best food out there; eliminating the drudgery of finding restaurants or pouring over menus. It helps you find food great food to eat via the best people-recommended dishes and not just via restaurants.

Share your amazing food experiences. Become a food expert

Eating great food and not sharing your experiences is very selfish. Don’t be selfish! Share all your amazing food finds with friends, family, and fellow foodies. Also, share on Facebook, whatsapp, messenger, and email directly from Woozoe.

From amateur foodies to gurus. Follow the world.

You can follow friends, family, and the growing numbers of serious foodies to get hand-picked recommendations. Go to their profile and see what they liked and what they want you to eat.

Your food saga in a compact diary.

Remember how good that pizza tasted? Now, save all your food memories in one place and never forget. There’s no need to worry about storage space anymore!

Recommendations from hand-picked food experts.

Don't feel like going out, on a food hunt? Woozoe is up for the rescue. Get recommendations on great dishes by the foodies around you. Browse through, and decide what you want to eat today.

Explore the tastiest and the best.

Don't you feel good, when you're just browsing through the options, putting them into your bucket list, whether it's something you'd like to have right now or at a point of time later. Do the same with food, on Woozoe.